Monkey M (7 yrs old) and Monkey B (4 yrs old). They’ve done yoga a number of times and they’ve meditated with me a number of times. But to be honest, they don't have a daily practice. B used to join in on me at home everyday but with our new schedule that isn't an opportunity anymore.

So here's the plan...I'd like to start with incorporating meditation into their morning/evening list. Every morning, they have a list of tasks to complete before they're allowed to turn on the tv to watch as they wait for breakfast to be ready. Every evening, the tasks must be complete so we can begin our storybook and cuddle session.

Why do I want my kids to meditate? Check out this local article and this Edmonton Journal article featuring local hero Susan Agrios. I simply could not feature local resources without the work of Donna Freeman and her company Yoga in my School. When I took my Kids Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training with her, I was simply inspired. I also took my teaching kids and teens to meditate course from Lifestyles Meditation with Dawn Southey Hills.

True to Montessori philosophy, the environment is the child's third teacher. So first to set up the environment for the specific task. Here is a before photo of their room, and here is the after photo of their room that now features a simplistic minimalist design that features a meditation/yoga space. Why didn't I do this sooner??! Yoga mats...check. Meditation seats...check. Peaceful lighting...check. Peace jars...check. Will post an update in a few months and tell you how it works out!


p.s. the beds were still not made so I thought I'd spare you that view again.


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