A place for everything and everything in its place. In life, according to Montessori, "mise en place" in french and in yoga too! A designated mat becomes an invitation to practice. A symbol to each child that their work (play) on the mat is to be respected and is valuable. Also a sign to others to respect his, her time and space to practice yoga. The montessori method defines the importance of a work mat in this article and this one too if you'd like more in depth reading.

The mat is 5mm TPE and washes easily with soap and water. Designed for little hands, this cotton yoga mat bag features no clasps, closures or unnecessary buckles. The mat is safely tucked with carefully designed pleats and as the child picks up the strap, the bag closes itself. The strap is the perfect length for preschoolers either on one shoulder or across the body. Available on etsy.

I thought about offering three poses for you to play with at home, but as I look at the facial expressions on these monkeys....the real take home is

"yoga is playful, curious, show up as yourself! Yoga may be important but never serious."

My hope is that you make these fun playful faces on your mat too! See you soon!

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