A place for everything, everything in its place... specially a wiggly bum.

Modelled after adult zafus, this meditation cushion is made with a cotton slip cover with no zippers, buttons or snaps for the sake of sheer simplicity. Easy off, easy wash, easy to use. I decided to fill it with the best organic buckwheat hulls i could find, sourced from British Columbia, Canada.

Inadvertently it has the effect of the every popular fidget/wiggly/sensory seats found in most schools and preschools. These helpful self-regulation seating devices provide subtle movement input that offers a calming or hugging effect while developing balance skills and trunk control. By giving the child a moving tactile surface to sit on, it offers an opportunity to release extra energy by having something to wiggle against. The most important function of the zafu cushion is the designation of space the message being: "when you're sitting on this, you are being calm, you are meditating".

My children love to play with them like beanbags, stacking, squishing and using different body parts to enjoy the tactile sensory experience.

These are available in my etsy shop. If you'd like one or would like to request a custom cover, do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through my shop. I would love to hear your ideas!


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